Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting Apple Magic mouse scrolling to work in Windows 7 via Bootcamp

After three years, my Apple Mighty Mouse finally gave out on me so I took the opportunity to buy myself a new multi-touch Apple Magic Mouse - while it was a doddle to set up in OS X (assuming you're running OS X 10.6.2), I had some problems with it in Windows. I was able to set it up to let me use the basic moving and clicking but i could get it to scroll. Some digging on the internet found that Apple have recently released an update to the bluetooth drivers for Windows XP and Vista:

However, on trying to install these drivers on my 64-bit Windows machine, I got the following error:

'This update is not intended for this computer and will not be installed'

Fortunately, Rich G at has found a solution. He extracted the appropriate drivers from the install and conveniently put togther a 32 bit and 64 installation which seems to work pretty well for me:

Link to Rich G's blogpost about this

64-bit Windows 7 Compatible Apple Magic Mouse Driver

Thanks Rich G!

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pera @webbhotell said...

My story… windows xp sp3.
No problem installing Bluetooth. Other windows product are harder to install.
Then the UnEasySilence drive. But windows do not allow me to use the modified aple drive…
Now I have installed the sidwinder drives… but still not able to scroll….