Thursday, March 13, 2008

Upgrading RAM in a Intel Mac Mini

Just a very quick post (it's been too long!!!). I recently upgraded the RAM in my Mac Mini to 2gb thanks to the very reasonable pricing of RAM at at the moment. They now have a cool little scanner app that shows you the exact memory for your machine and their prices are very reasonable (£30 for 2gb of RAM!!!!). With the ram in hand, i went to which provides a comprehensive explanation of how to change the ram in the Intel Mac Mini (note that the process for changing RAM in the Power PC model is quite different...substancially easier in fact!)

After the intial insanity of taking the case apart (which is a truly terrifying task), the walkthru made the task fairly straight-forward. By the nature of the machine's size, it is fiddly work and not advised for a complete newbie but it isn't rocket science either - a moderately experienced hardware geek should have no trouble.

The difference in performance is immense. If you have the cash and the nerves to take this little beastie apart - i highly recommend it!

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